Visite de l’hôtel Talleyrand par les élèves de 3ème

(actualisé le ) par Mme BRETON

25 élèves de 3ème ont eu la chance de visiter l’hôtel privé Talleyrand appartenant à l’ambassade américaine et de s’entretenir avec un attaché culturel de l’ambassade le 12 février dernier.

Voici quelques recherches historiques ou témoignages de certains d’entre eux.

The 12th February of 2019, a group of students went to the Talleyrand hotel in Paris.

History :
The Talleyrand hotel was builted by Jean-François Thésé Chalgrin in 1967 by the petition of the Count Saint-Florentin, the contructions ended in 1969. After the death of Count Saint-Florentin, many dukes and important personnes own hotel. In 1812 was bought by Talleyrand and after him James de Rothschild. After the second world war, the Rothchild familly rented it for the US gouvernment who installed in 1949 in George C. Marshall center, who had for mission to help the Europe countrys to rebuild the damages caused by the 2nd world war thanks to the Marshall plan. In our days the hotel became the offices of the US gouvernement.

At the end of the visit, the students had the chance to exchange with a diplomat.

Mettu, 3B

On Tuesday, February 11, some 20 college students from Gassicourt had the immense privilege of visiting the hotel of Talleyrand and we had an exceptional visit with our two charming guides. We could see a diplomat it was a huge chance for us ; there was an exchange between students and the diplomat.

Catia, 3A